Why Nigerians Should Invest In Agriculture And Real Estate In 21st Century

Investment is the principle of putting money to work, as against the concept of putting money in savings account. The typical distinctions between the concepts of investing and savings lies principally on the Return On Investment (ROI) at the end of the investment period, and the zero ROI got from savings.

What keeps the rich in the upper class and the poor at the lower class for a longer period of time is decision making and Investment decision. Over time, the rich continue taking higher risks investing higher amount with Investment companies, while fear of loosing usually lead the lower class to procrastination with fear of loosing the little they have. However, the Return On Investment to the Upper class who took risk becomes exciting, because high risks generates high profits, while low risk generates low or no profits.

Talking about Agriculture and Real Investment , Nigerian investors should not just take time to think, they should hover in to invest in the two sectors below:

Investing in commercial farming gives high ROI
Big men are investing in Real Estate

Importance of Investments

As an investor, you are putting yourself in a circle of insurance because you’re insuring your future against any misnomer. What most rich men do is buying of shares and Investment, they make transactions with highly profiled companies who are opened for Investors and perhaps paying high ROI at the end of the each transaction period.

Make money by Investment

Finance yourself and make a passive income in Agriculture or Real Estate

Insure your family by putting money into work



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