How To Make Money On Twitter Today.

Social Media is a powerful tool to make money from, despite any social setting. Narrowing this down to Twitter, there are very many ways Twitter users can make money from their daily tweets.

But how do you get there?

Actually, it’s not every Tweep user that can monitise their tweets because of the procedures one has to go through.

Note that when monitising your  account, it’s not Twitter team that is paying you directly for making tweets in the app, you’re actually the one paying yourself for the services rendered. How? I will explain everything categorically:

First of all, you will have to work harder to gain enough followers, the number of followers you have influences the amount you make from each tweet ad.

The amount of money a Twitter user with 10k followers charges cannot be the same to the amount a Twitter user with 50k followers charges and so on. The level of your engagement rates in previous tweets also determine how a company or individual advertiser is willing to pay you, because you’re doing influencer marketing.

In other words, to get to the pitch of monitising your Twitter account, you must become an influencer: influencer is an Authority in the app, who has gathered enough followers and fans over a long period of time, and thus, his engagement rates are rated excellent.

I know you may want to know how to become an influencer too, to become an influencer on Twitter would require: consistency, understanding how Twitter works, money and some “savages.” Most times, you can build your followership from the scratch, by engaging in “follow trends” you learn to get followers by following others on the trend.

Building your followership from follow trend can also help you to become an influencer without spending money to become one, it just requires time and consistency, follow here to learn more.

As an influencer, you can make up to 5000 dollars every week by influencer Marketing, and everyone can become an influencer only if you have enough followers and a good engagement rate.

Companies, advertising agency or individual advertiser takes cognizance of the engagement rates your tweets make each time you come online. No one is willing to waste money on advertisement and get zero or poor response. A good response from ad is the reason an advertiser would always want to do business with you again.

It is also important to note that there are so many competitions in influencer Marketing, just like any other business. There are so many influencers out there, who are even willing to buy off your fan base, if you are not willing to spend on your fans or Community. Making money on Twitter is just like making money using any other social media platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, messenger.

Each of the platform has some relevant processes and stages one needs to get before you can start enjoying money from influencer Marketing and affiliate marketing programmes.

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