“So Sad She stopped breathing On My Bed” is an interesting fictional story between lovers, an excessive love life that claimed a life of one the lovers. Kindly take a sip of water, it is a bedtime story, share with your loved ones. Kindly follow me so you will be notified whenever I post episode 2 and so on. Happy reading.

So Sad She Stopped Breathing On My Bed

Cassandra was my Junior colleague in College, I was writing my final paper the day she wrote her Post UTME in my department. Department of English was somewhat frustrating to year one students, that I always advised my friends not to do the course if they want to school in our college. I was not unfortunate though, my studies and project defence went well that I never had a spill over year.

I was so lucky that my name came up in the first list of graduated students, I had to sit out with my guy friends and made merry, graduating with a good second class upper credit was not too easy, but we thanked God, we made it. Mrs Justina Smith; my mother, did not even allow me to break the good news, but had proceeded to the market to get everything needed for my NYSC scheme.

Little did I know that I would become a killer, I was so glad that my posting came as Lagos State, Nigeria, while my friends, Peter and Damilola were posted Ibadan and Abuja respectively. Days came by that our Postings on Place of Primary Assignments were finally revealed, luckily, I got posted as Relationship Manager to Evergreen hospital, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Island.

Money was not an issue to me when I got to Lagos Island, as my parents were also crediting my account from home, despite the fact that I was handsomely paid by the hospital. My neighbours at Jakande Beach Gates taught I was into internet fraud, because of my flamboyant lifestyle.

Months passed by when I got to meet Cassandra on Twitter, I never knew that we were following each other for a long time, until she posted her birthday photos.

“Hi! My name is Styles”, I texted via inbox

” I am Cassandra, so you finally chatted me? Seriously!”

I was a little bit fidgeting, ” what could she mean?”, I soliloquised.

” Oh! Sorry, I wanted to chat you since, but…” I tried to manipulate.

” But what?” She inquired.

I didn’t know what to type again, I was just disappointed at my phone keyboard when I mistakenly sent, “Happy birthday loml”

I was heartbroken and seriously frustrated when Cassandra read my last message and did not reply. “Was she angry at loml, which means, love of my life?”, I cogitated. I was surprised when she told me we attended the same school, I didn’t know her before I left, if not that she told me I helped her with a writing material on her post UTME day.

Cassandra Sanders was a chocolate creamy soft skinned African lady on her early twenties, third daughter in a family of six, from Enugu Central. I was always dead on her charming eye contact, with her semi rounded face and succulent pink lips. She had a soft voice that whenever she called me baby, I would feel like Helen of Troy talking to Achilles. I have never heard such a beautiful soft voice before.

The two beautiful rounded oranges on her chest were so stunning and semi-soft, that would always move in a zigzag motion whenever she was not on her brassiere, she had a nice butt and beautiful legs. Those were my conclusions after our numerous calls and WhatsApp video calls. I couldn’t exercise patience on meeting my new heartbeat in physical.

I just thought I was still schooling in University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Life was so sweet on campus then, especially as a leader in Students Union Government. Cassandra wouldn’t have had any stress in school too.

Our love kept growing everyday, that I usually had some queries at work because of her long calls.

I was was in the restroom at work when I heard my phone rung, “she is calling,” I thought, yes, she was, that was a customised ring tone for her. Before I could rush out, the call had ended, with a message, “please call me.”

I had ten missed call from her already and she didn’t add “baby” on her text, and my heart was bleeding profusely, on the condition that, “hope my baby is safe!”

“Hello,” my voice trembled

” Hey! Baby! We’re on strike again! I’m coming to Lagos tomorrow.”

” Oh really!!” I was so happy that we are finally meeting, I went home early, got everything edible from ShopRite, Jakande. My one bedroom flat was in good condition. I wanted to get to the chemist that evening too, but I remembered she was only in love with me alone…

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