5 Ways To Make At Least 50,000 Thousand Every Month.

Being a salary earner and depending on one source of income is not enough to sustain you and your family, even till the third week before you could expect another pay from your workplace. Though they are a couple of job that pay some workers hugely, but having money comes with the desire to have more money.If you are getting a huge pay from your job every month, can that amount buy you a good house, Range Rover, Porsche and so on, even under six months? Having a good paid job is super excellent, but having a source of extra income that can help you meet the demands of life is important.In the present day life, many people give in to the conditions of getting quick money, that is why they go into betting. Betting is good for some people though, but it is a very risky decision to make because it can actually cause you a lifetime regret. Being a forex trader is not enough too, because you need some levels of experty before you can make tangible results.In a world whereby you are looking for what to do to make extra income, why not consider the options below:

  1. Investment:

Investment is one of the smart decisions rich men do to keep them at the helm of money making. As an investor, you stake your money in companies open for investors or buying shares, by this, you sit home to watch your money grow and dance to the bank at maturity period to cash out your Return On Investment (ROI). There are a couple of companies that pay between 40-55% ROI to their investors within a period of 12 months, I have tested this too and it worked for me. You can ask questions on comment box below.

  1. Become a property agent:

As a property agent, you earn between 5-10% of the property you sale to your client. Let’s say for instance, there is a seller selling either land or building, you bring someone to buy the property, you get 5-10% of the amount property is s bought. For instance too, a property company or dealer is selling a 5-bedroom duplex for 70 million in Lagos Island, you bring someone to buy the property, if you are the Principal agent, you get 10% of the money, which is 7 million naira or if you are not the principal agent, you get 5% which is 3.5 million in a situation where there are two agents involved in the buying and selling process. Need coaching? Follow our blog on all social media platforms.

  1. Become a consultant: Become a consultant on your field and be giving your clients private consultation. You charge your client depending on the services you render. This you can start without necessarily spending money for registrations or anything else, all you need is Identity Card and compliment slips (complimentary cards).
  2. Buy and sell: Buy and sell to customers, learn important of products from China and America an sell in your country. You can buy wigs, gadgets at low prices and sell them at high prices that will cover your shopping fees and everything else, you make good profits from this. Ask questions if you need coaching.

  1. Become a marketer: Become a marketer for Companies and make passive income. In a country where there is no job, you can employ yourself by becoming a marketer for Companies and be getting paid your commission every time you sell. Being a marketer does not necessarily means going into the street to sell, you can Market on your social Media accounts and get huge results.

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